Gone to Seed by Justin Lutz (February)



“Horror that feels simultaneously fun and dangerous. Justin Lutz writes intimate fiction you can’t help but obsess over. Recommended for creeps and weirdos.”

— Max Booth III (Ghoulish Books)

“Justin Lutz’s short fiction is full-on toxic shock syndrome: its body horror is as vibrant as an oil spill, its profane paganism pollutes the reader’s imagination, its ghosts contaminate spaces rather than merely haunt them. Gone To Seed is his chitinous litmus test to see how far our flesh will go before it explodes, and I didn’t survive it. Read at your own skin’s peril.

— Clay McLeod Chapman (author, Ghost Eaters)

“The stories in Gone to Seed play on our distrust of causality and the material realm by situating us firmly within the mundane before everything goes to hell. Relatable characters suffer impossible circumstances—unsettling, unnerving, with supernatural elements that become a little too real.”

— Charlene Elsby (author, The Devil Thinks I’m Pretty and Violent Faculties)

“With his first collection, Gone To Seed, Lutz delivers a small but vicious crop of tales, creepy and surreal. The flowers here leer and drool poison. The leaves bite and the vines trip and strangle while the woods and wind, they witness and laugh. A fantastic way to spend a cool October evening. “

—John Boden, (author, Snarl and Jedi Summer)

Raw, grotesque, and horrifying. Lutz’s stories read like they were scraped from the floor of a basement show after a body-horror circle pit… Dripping with blood, booze, and utter desperation.

— Chris LaMartina (Creator, WNUF Halloween Special and Out There Halloween Mega Tape)

Gone to Seed is the debut collection of five horror stories by Justin Lutz, the acclaimed author of the novella Gemini Rising and a nominee for the prestigious Splatterpunk Award.