Filthy Loot is a small press out of Ames, IA.

Focused on misfit fiction (transgressive, existentialist, horror, and other cult fictions) and odd other ideas — we publish zines, art stuffs, & books in both limited edition and open formats.

Filthy Loot is an independent publisher that welcomes submissions from both new and established writers and artists. While we are known for our horror titles, we are interested in receiving works that challenge the norm and provoke thought, but are still based in modern reality.

I’m available to people who want to drop me a “Hi” or “Would you be interested in something like this?” I’m trying my best to avoid submission platforms these days. You can contact me directly via email or social media.

We are interested in working directly with independent bookstores. If you wish to carry our books, please get in touch with us at any of the places above. We give a steep discount and often provide little giveaways for your customers (mostly stickers, I’m sure that’s a big surprise to everyone)