Wax & Wane — Saoirse Ní Chiaragáin


Perfect Bound // 4×6, 156pgs

Every once in a while, one of those books comes across my desk that brings me back from the edge of packing it all in. In this case, it was the debut novella by the Irish author Saoirse Ní Chiaragáin, I often say that it’s “Fight Club meets alt-right werewolves.”, but it’s much more than that. This is an amazing book, which I’m happy to say is even being taught in a university or two! (Alright, one, but… more to come hopefully!)

(Cover Text)

Jobless, directionless, and impotently angry at the world around him, Cormac finds purpose among the Mic Tíre – a far-right organization with aspirations to transform Ireland into a primitive idyll. 

His wife, Ailbhe, watches in horror as he disappears down the rabbit hole of radicalization, a process that transforms him into something more violent and monstrous than she ever could have imagined. 

Feral dogs howl outside the couple’s home each night as Ailbhe struggles to leave the man she once loved before his body contorts into something inhuman, and he sets his newfound strength and bloodlust upon her.