Soft Ceremonies


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Perfect Bound // 4×6, 83pgs

The concept for Soft Ceremonies started with the question, “What would it feel like if A24 were to remake eighties shot-on-video horror movies?” I like juxtapositions, so I ran it by Joe Koch, Charlene Elsby, Sam Richard, and Jon Steffens — the same people I run most of my weird ideas by — and they were able to flesh it out! See kids, sometimes your daydreams are worth perusing!

Also, with the idea of it being related to SOV horror, I also approached Mattei (Sam Richard) Sorcer, and myself (I approach myself a lot) to provide songs for a soundtrack of the book that we could put out as a cassette.

The bundle edition is limited to another 20 copies beyond the pre-order. So, if you want that, I’d get a move on it!


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