Pacifier by Ira Rat


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“Not a wasted word.”
– Danger Slater (author, I Will Rot Without You, and Puppet Skin)

“Worshipers of Porcine Gods, sad days spent with agency-assigned strangers, and the healing properties of blood. In Pacifier, Ira Rat proves himself a master of crafting tightly-written, strange stories that are never at odds between beauty and darkness, the grotesque and emotional truth, but instead, seamlessly do all in one fluid motion.”
– Sam Richard (author, Sabbath of the Fox-Devils, and To Wallow in Ash & Other Sorrows)

“Ira is cynical without lacking sympathy, experimental without lacking direction. A dark, ambitious new voice.”
– Garret Cook (author, Archelon Ranch and A God of Hungry Walls)

“The Stories in Ira Rat’s Pacifier take subtle delight in exposing the reader to their twisted imagery and ethos. A treat for those of us with a taste for the darkly askew.”
– Amy Vaughn (author, Freak Night at the Slee-Z Motel, and Skull Nuggets)

“Ira Rat’s little collection, Pacifier provides four bite-sized morsels which are delightfully disturbing. There is a beauty to his quiet horror, creeping up in a strange and unsettling manner.”
– S.T. Cartledge (author, Beautiful Madness and The Orphanarium)

“With stories that range from quiet sadness to barking insanity, Pacifier is a book that stays with you long after you’ve read it.”
– Jon Steffens (author, The God in the Hills)

The collection consists of 4 quiet horror stories that range from slightly comical to heartwrenching, all in one slim little volume.

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