Teenage Grave 2



Pre-Order June Release

Perfect Bound // 4×6, 110pgs

Featuring Jo Quenell,
Sam Richard, Brendan Vidito
& Justin Lutz

Prepare to descend into the darkest depths of terror as four of the most twisted minds from the abyss of the modern horror underground reunite. In this bone-chilling sequel, brace yourself for a journey into the macabre that will hang your sanity by a thread.

With a diabolical blend of splatterpunk, body horror, and transgressive fiction, TG 2 promises to strip away your illusions of safety and plunge you into a world of unimaginable horrors. Your nerves will be torn asunder, your senses assaulted, and your very soul laid bare as you navigate through the sinister landscapes crafted by these masters of
the macabre.