Participation Trophy by Ira Rat


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Imagine Stranger Things, but darker and kind of sad, mean-spirited, and ambiguous. If you’re a fan of 80s-centric horror, horror-comedy, and coming-of-age tales, you’ve got to give this a read.
★★★★★ (GoodReads Review)
– Jon Steffens (author, The God in the Hills)

(A) teenage-anxiety induced nostalgia fever dream. Good times.
★★★★ (GoodReads Review)
– Danger Slater (author, I Will Rot Without You, Puppet Skin)

“Ira is cynical without lacking empathy, experimental without lacking direction. A dark, ambitious new voice.”
– Garret Cook (Author, Crisis Boy)

High school sucks. especially when you’re a geek, your brother committed suicide, the popular kids are dropping like flies, your teachers speak in chick tract quotes, & worst of all your best friend might be turning into a goddamn goth. But, hey, at least there’s pizza!

Perfect Bound, 85 pages.

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Participation Trophy was featured in the Jan/Feb ’21 issue of Rue Morgue!


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