Dog Doors to Outer Space



“No other genre pushes at the boundaries of the imagination, expands metaphors, or flips perspective the way bizarro does. Where better, then, to seek writing prompts than from the authors who write the weirdest of the weird? Who could be more uniquely suited to helping us break free of the ordinary mindset and see the world with fresh eyes?”
–  Amy M. Vaughn, Editor (From Introduction)

The first of it’s kind! “Dog Doors to Outer Space” is a collection of Bizarro Fiction writing prompts from many of the greatest authors in the genre.


Duncan P. Bradshaw
Michael Allen Rose
Danger Slater
Garrett Cook
Katy Michelle Quinn
Madeleine Swann
David W. Barbee
Betty Rocksteady
Chris Meekings
Sam Richard
Frank J. Edler
Julia Platz-Halter
Chris Kelso
Bradley Sands