God in the Hills & Other Horrors



WARNING: “The God in the Hills” contains material not suitable for audiences.
This is your trigger warning.

“Jon Steffens’ writing slices deep, gushing with terrifying images in a thick, warm stream and soaking the pages with expertly crafted gore.”
– Rebecca Rowland (author, The Horrors Hiding in Plain Sight)

“From the blackest mountain recesses, He came. A being with desires not of animal nor man; an appetite for perversion as insatiable as His thirst for pain. Like the depraved backwoods offspring of Richard Laymon and Edward Lee, The God in the Hills is a sick and twisted thrill ride that never lets up and is well deserved of its Splatterpunk Awards recognition.”
– Tom Over (author of the Splatterpunk Award-nominated: The Comfort Zone and Other Safe Spaces)

“The God in the Hills is a toothbrush shank probing your internal organs and bleeding out any remaining hope you believed humanity had into a roadside ditch on a rarely used highway, bask in the extreme horror.”
– One Tie All Tie One Sentence Reviews

“Let me give you the favor I never got…this story will wreck you. It is 50 pages of uncensored, no-holds-barred, gruesome, shocking, and horrific terror that I couldn’t put down.”
– Grimm Deathwish (HorrorFuel.com)

An ancient evil with obscene appetites haunts a small town nestled deep in the Ozarks. Timeless creatures from Slavic folklore spread pain and misery across the Eastern European countryside. Oversexed camp counselors become machete fodder for a murderous clown in a story paying homage to low-budget 1980s horror-flicks.

In this volume Filthy Loot has paired Jon Steffens’ Splatterpunk Award-nominated debut novelette with three more tales of terror from Texas’ latest dealer of dread. Whether your tastes are subversive, somber, or silly, fans of fright fiction are sure to find something to enjoy in The God in the Hills and Other Horrors. Just make sure you’ve got a strong stomach.

Perfect Bound // 4×6, 130pgs

Press For “God in the Hills”
Jan/Feb ’21 issue of Rue Morgue
Horror Fuel
Rowlands Books

Splatterpunk 2020 Nominee