Stories of the Eye (WeirdPunk)



Featuring ‘I’m the Last Person I’d Want To Be’ by Ira Rat

Discover the twisted relationship between artists and their muses in our brand-new horror anthology, edited by Sam Richard & Joe Koch.

“Within this collection, you’ll find 13 chilling tales that delve into the spaces where the eye is often tricked, uncovering the beautiful and monstrous intricacies of creation.

Join Andrew Wilmot, M. Lopes da Silva, Gwendolyn Kiste, Hailey Piper, Roland Blackburn, Donyae Coles, Matt Neil Hill, Brendan Vidito, LC von Hessen, Gary J. Shipley, and editors Joe Koch and Sam Richard on a journey into the depths of modern horror.

From the WeirdPunk Books, get ready to witness the beautiful and terrifying aspects of the art world like never before.

Perfect Bound//6×8, 186pgs


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