Stories of the Eye (WeirdPunk)



Contains the Ira Rat story “I’m the Last Person I’d Want To Be”


From the WeirdPunk website:

Our brand-new horror anthology explores the relationships between artists and their subjects. Edited by Sam Richard & Joe Koch.

Beauty is a knife.

Between the desire to create and the thing created, the model is a key, a stepping stone, a participant othered through the process of creation. These thirteen visions of modern horror dissect the relationship between artist and model, exposing the spaces the eye is tricked into missing where we witness the beautiful and monstrous intricacies of making and being made.

Featuring stories by Andrew Wilmot, M. Lopes da Silva, Gwendolyn Kiste, Hailey Piper, Roland Blackburn, Ira Rat, Donyae Coles, Matt Neil Hill, Brendan Vidito, LC von Hessen, Gary J. Shipley, and editors Joe Koch and Sam Richard.


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