Letters to Jenny Just After She Died by Charlene Elsby


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“Once again, the dark muses have blessed Elsby—and by extension, all of us. To read her is to see the darkest truths.”

-Lindsay Lerman, author of I’m From Nowhere and What Are You

“I’ve always enjoyed Charlene Elsby’s writing. I’ve also always enjoyed watching her read it to roomfuls of uncomfortable poets. Hell, somehow even the pages of this digital copy of Letters to Jenny Just After She Died I’ve enjoyed reading are caked in pain and humor and blood and other bodily fluids…. Not many writers can pull that off. Charlene Elsby always leaves you with something witchy.”

– Brian Alan Ellis, author of Hobbies You Enjoy

“In methodical, unsettling prose, Letters To Jenny Just After She Died is an intimation on the edges of fresh grief, walking the fine line between erotic and psychotic. Charlene Elsby is in a class of her own invention—a voice to follow all the way into the dark.”

-Mila Jaroniec, author of Plastic Vodka Bottle Sleepover

“Letters to Jenny Just After She Died is a collection of missives to a deceased friend, a friend who might have also been an unrequited love interest, a love interest who might also be a shadow self. When someone dies, you can finally tell them what you really think. But if death is the end, and there are no dead to listen, you can finally talk to yourself, lovingly and ruthlessly. Witty as it is sharp and cutting, Letters details an obsessive, self-absorbed type of grief, one that calls out the human psyche as much as it self-implicates. A brief, delightfully devastating read.”
—Kim Vodicka, author of Dear Ted and The Elvis Machine

“I will read anything Charlene Elsby puts in front of me. Her work is a testament we still have legends-in-the-making out there cranking out exciting, dark, and strange material. I will not die happy until I see an Elsby original labeled as a Netflix Original. It’s not too late! You can still familiarize yourself with her work and say “I was there first!” But you weren’t—I was, poser.”

– B. Guarisco, author of Narwhal / Red Dolphin and Uncomfortable Music






Staple Bound Chapbook // 22 pgs, Limited Edition of 100. Includes Talented Perverts bookmark, sticker & pink skull sticker.