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Open Submissions

F•cked Up Stories to Read in the Daytime #4 The Fucktle Chapter Are you unfamiliar with our zine, F•cked Up Stories to Read in the Daytime? Well, we have 3 other issues bucko, you better get on that. While the tone is generally shifting atmosphere, but they’re a good place to start to see what […]

New Anthologies

Filthy Loot is currently working on two thematically sympathetic collections. I kinda despise rattling off keywords and micro-mini-genres. So, I figured that I would instead just ramble some impressions for the general shape. This is a semi-open submission that I hope spreads by word of mouth between people with similar sensibilities. I know this sounds […]


Welcome to Bizarronauts, a place for flash fiction inspired by Dog Doors to Outer Space, the first ever collection of bizarro writing prompts! For information about submissions and for sneak peek prompts from Dog Doors, check out the Bizarronauts Submissions page. Conrad Lubbox is Out to Get Me You Stupid Idiot! Frank J. Edler             […]