Talented Perverts is a moniker created by Filthy Loot to highlight a little microcosm of the writing and art that we wish to release. For this, we’re looking for work that is just a little bit more post-modern, a little bit more nostalgic for a time that may never have existed. Work that is hauntological, but not horrific. Work that aligns with our maxim of Misfit Fictions, but also takes the trash of everyday life and elevates it to the level of art. If all this pontificating seems a bit pretentious, yeah a bit of that too.

If you’re wanting to know a little bit more about our vibe, check out our first two releases or our mood board on Pinterest. Because what we’re looking for, is a little bit indescribable, though I just spent hours writing a paragraph to try to do just that.

Letters to Jenny Just After She Died by Charlene Elsby

The Medication by Ira Rat