Filthy Loot is open to submissions from everyone. Baseless on age, sex, creed, or race.

Current anthology guidelines at the bottom.

Simultaneous submissions are welcomed, but please let me know as soon as you do if it’s been accepted elsewhere. Please and thank you.

Reprints welcomed when noted.

Novellas (approx. 35k words)

Story Collections (approx. 35k words)

Short Stories (2-6k words)

Please make sure to let me know what anthology that your submission is meant for, we’re not currently accepting “free floating” stories.

We are also interested in art and poetry. Please just send a few samples.


per word + contributor copy (additional copies available at cost), 2-5k words, the author retains all rights

One submission per author.

We are currently looking for submissions for our “Ill-Lit” anthology Little Birds (green). The first anthology took us over 2 years to complete, so this is a labor of love and might not be the best place to submit for a quick turnaround. 

If you want examples of what we are looking for, please either check out the first book in the series or check out the writers who appeared in it. Including—Elle Nash, Sam Pink, Nate Lippens, Shane Jessie Christmass, Brian Alan Ellis, and G.C. McKay. 

What we’re looking for: Autofiction, Transgressive, Indie Lit, Alt Lit, and Outsider short stories. Some poetry, though poetry submissions will not be prioritized. (5 pages max)