A Beginner’s Guide to Extreme Horror by Jon Steffens & Ira Rat


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WARNING: The movies discussed within this book are not for those who have a disposition against extreme violence, and other transgressions too numerous to list. If this is you, please use the back button now.

Extreme horror is a maligned and often misunderstood subgenre. It is regularly dismissed as porn for people who get off on suffering and cruelty. This isn’t entirely incorrect.

However, there is a place for many works in this genre as they reflect a part of human society that is severely unexamined and it’s about time that somebody did an in-depth analysis of the social implications of what the genre is showing us. This is not that book.

In A Beginner’s Guide to Extreme Horror, Jon Steffens (Splatterpunk Nominee/Rue Morgue contributor) and Ira Rat (…) have teamed up to examine some of the more interesting and disturbing movies that have been regularly cited as some of the most depraved movies in the history of cinema. With a unique blend of earnest interest in the genre and calling out schlock, the book is a handy starting point for those interested in investigating the genre.