A Beginner’s Guide to Extreme Horror by Jon Steffens & Ira Rat


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WARNING: The movies discussed in this book are not for those who have a disposition against extreme violence and other transgressions that are too numerous to list. If this is you, please use the back button now.

Discover the dark and often misunderstood world of extreme horror in A Beginner’s Guide to Extreme Horror. Jon Steffens and Ira Rat, both “noted experts” (we watched some movies) in the genre, team up to explore the more captivating and disturbing works that have earned a reputation as some of the most depraved movies in cinema history.

Don’t be fooled by misconceptions that extreme horror is simply a source of twisted pleasure for those who relish in suffering and cruelty (Well, it’s not just that). In this book, the authors offer a nuanced perspective on the genre, shedding light on its cultural significance and the unexamined facets of human society it portrays.

With a unique blend of critical insight and a genuine (…ahem…) “passion” for the genre, A Beginner’s Guide to Extreme Horror serves as the perfect starting point for anyone interested in delving deeper into the often-misunderstood world of extreme horror.

Perfect Bound // 4×6, 72pgs. Comes with a set of full-color postcards with illustrations inspired by several of the movies featured in the book.