Bizarronauts Submissions

Bizarronauts is a place for flash fiction inspired by Dog Doors to Outer Space, the first ever collection of bizarro flash fiction!

If you’d like to have your work featured in Bizarronauts, send a short, short story (1000 words or fewer), plus the prompt that inspired you, to Though we hope to publish a virtual ream of great stories, not every submission is guaranteed acceptance, so send us your best!

* Haven’t been able to get your paws on a copy yet? Maybe one of the 15 sneak peak preview prompts below will inspire you.

* All rights remain with the author.

* Contributors to Dog Doors are welcome—nay, encouraged!—to submit stories inspired by other authors’ prompts.

Sneak Peak Preview Prompts

Below are 15 examples of what Dog Doors to Outer Space is all about. There is one entry for each talented and imaginative contributor. Click on authors names to find out more about them!

“Why is Jonathan Davenport bleeding? Four days after an innocuous accident, he’s leaving a trail of blood all over town, enthralling the locals. What could he be leading the townsfolk to?” –Duncan P. Bradshaw

“The moon has grown an appendage and no matter where you travel, it seems to be pointing directly at you. Now it appears closer to Earth every time you look at it. What does it want? What are you going to do about it?” – Michael Allen Rose

“You wake up one morning to find that your head is now three times bigger than it was. This normally wouldn’t really be that big of a problem because before that day your head was actually three times smaller than a normal-sized head, so now you just look like everyone else. Problem is, you’ve already spent a fortune on specially-tailored tiny hats and you can’t afford to buy more for your now regular-sized head. So how do you get your head to be small again?” –Danger Slater

“Choose a person who you either hate or are frightened of. Show us a day in their perfect world.” –Garrett Cook

“When you arrive home from work, there is a tree hanging upside-down from your ceiling. Instead of leaves, it grows photos of a woman you’ve never seen before. Each photo has the number 1-800-SAVEHER on it. What happens when you call the number?” –Katy Michelle Quinn or Katy Michelle Quinn

“Your vain and pushy new hairstyle starts to aggressively criticise your taste in clothes and your physical appearance. It says it’s appalled by how shoddy you look and suggests you visit a Body Remodeller. Do you cave in and agree to have your flesh resculpted? If so, into what? Or do you fight back? In which case, how?” –Kek-w

“Imagine a block of flats and something bizarre happening in each room. Do the occupants try to avoid each other, under the impression that everyone else is normal? Do the events end up being related somehow? – Madeleine Swann or Madeleine Swann

“A pirate is in the midst of an epic quest for mythic treasure when a bureaucrat appears and informs him that the player who created him has decided to change his identity from pirate to futurecop. He is to abandon his ship and report to the future immediately.” –David W. Barbee

“Your character’s body has started to change to reflect a terrible crime they committed. Unfortunately, they have a really busy week at work and have to hide this radical transformation somehow.” –Betty Rocksteady

“The tubes appeared in the sky on Tuesday. They didn’t connect to anything or lead anywhere—they just were. On Wednesday the invading hoard of pan-dimensional hamsters came.” –Chris Meekings

“You wrote a best-selling book. Congrats! Too bad the people who read it spontaneously explode and those who survive fall madly, and horribly, in love with you. Looks like you need to fire your agent and ruin your own career before the film adaptation comes out.” –Sam Richard

“Plead with the haunted house you live in to allow you back inside after a heated domestic dispute.” –Frank J. Edler

“You’ve been hired by Satan to write clickbait in hell. Today’s post is for torturing serial killers. What three items do you include on your listicle? Number two must have them gnashing their teeth!” –Julia Platz-Halter

“Wuthering Shites: An unattractive small town in Scotland falls in love with the city of Paris. Auchinleck and Paris could never be together, but the plucky Scottish town has a host of unemployed criminals at its disposal to help twist la Ville des Lumières’ arm into a courtship.” –Chris Kelso

“Today is an exciting day for you. For the first time, you will have the opportunity to pitch your movie concept to a big-time Hollywood producer. Unfortunately, half the people in the world killed themselves last night, and no one knows why. This has put you in a difficult position because your current pitch just doesn’t seem appropriate today considering last night’s events, so you have decided to come up with something else on the fly. What will it be? Make sure it’s fucking gold.” –Bradley Sands

* Bizarronauts is a joint project of Filthy Loot and Amy M. Vaughn