Hairs by Ira Rat (Pre-Order, January 2024)


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“Six insidious stories, as small and upsetting as an eyelash comprise Ira Rat’s Hairs. Each uncomfortable experience leaves the reader squirming for more. To quote from the opening story at the base of a crucifixion,
“(A)nxiety is still the highest form of art.”
 Joe Koch (author, The Wingspan of Severed Hands, and The Couvade)

“An intricate and unforgettable atrocity exhibition, rendered in elusive prose and propelled into being by a furious young artist we should all be recognising as modern Kafka.” — Chris Kelso (author, The Dregs Trilogy)

” Ira Rat peels layers of spectacle away from the perception we would like to have to reveal the insidiously grotesque reality beneath. Everything he writes feels like he has something to show us or to make us understand, if only for the small comfort of sharing tragedies.” Charlene Elsby (author, The Devil Thinks I’m Pretty and Violent Faculties)

Part Raymond Carver, part Kafka’s fragmentary writings. Hairs is a collection attempting to exorcize every needless word from Ira Rat’s already minimalistic horrors. 

Perfect Bound // 4×6, 50pgs