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Long story short, I’m slowly building momentum to work on a zine called Beige. The basic idea is I want it to read and look like the literary/art version of a dissociative gaze. Banality and boredom are the focus.

Soft like a padded cell, but an adherence to concrete reality.

Vibe: I hate all the terms for the type of writing that I’m looking for. Alt-Lit, Indie-Lit, Autofiction, etc., etc. But for want of developing my own literary vocabulary, these will have to do.

If you have anything or know of anyone who might have something that might fit this category. Please let me know. As with everything I’m putting out with Filthy Loot, if I don’t feel something is “right” for the project, it’s rarely about the piece itself and more about adhering to my perception of the concept.

Stories/Essays (1-4k words), Art/Photography (up to 5 pictures), Poetry (1-5 poems).3¢ per word/$10 image + A free copy and additional copies at cost (+shipping). Creators retain all rights.

Deadline: When I get enough pieces that fit this oddly specific vibe. Anything after that will be considered for issue 2.

If you’re wanting more check out the pinterest mood board I created.