The God In The Hills by Jon Steffens



“The God in the Hills is not for the faint of heart, nor is it for any die-hard feminist horror fans: all of the male characters are despicable misogynists. There is an embarrassment of riches for fans of splattergore, for certain: characters are impaled, spines are broken, and orifices are violated in the most excruciating ways imaginable. The two scenes most unsettling to me, however, are one spotlighting gray pubic hair and another featuring bodily fluid the color of “custard yellow that tasted like rotting leaves and smelled of wet earth.” Steffens’ imagery is wickedly colorful and effective, so don’t read on an empty stomach unless you’re looking to lose a few pounds. This heaping plate of gore is short enough to be finished in one sitting, but it ends with an opening for a sequel. Fans of extreme horror will definitely be asking for a second helping.”

– Rebecca Rowland (Rowland Books)

Note From The Publisher: This is the first book in our “Extreme Horror” series. It contains elements not intended for people with sensitive dispositions. This is your warning.

During summer, the little Ozark town of Hotspur, Arkansas becomes a hotbed for tourists looking to trade the stress of city life for outdoor adventure. There’s only one problem; something horrible is haunting the mountainous terrain surrounding the Buffalo River, something foul and malevolent, its appetites are so vile that death is the least of the worries for anyone who crosses its path.

Perfect Bound, Open Edition, 51 pages


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