filthy loot | about & submissions

about & submissions

filthy loot is a small press specializing in zines, chapbooks, art and other weirdstuffs.


est. 2019

General Guidelines

• Stories >3k, reprints accepted, edited.
• You retain all rights.
• Digital versions of zines will only be made for review purposes.
• $5 token payment and a copy of the zine you’re featured in, or 5 copies of Zine as payment.

Current Projects

Teenage Grave is a tribute to classic splatterpunk of the ’80s and ’90’s.

Submissions due July 1st, 2019.

“No.” is dedicated to literary bizarro, we’re looking for heartfelt, transgressive, weirdness.

Submissions due August 1st, 2019.

More are on the horizon, and submissions submitted after the zines are “full” will be considered for further volumes. Space is limited, submit soon.

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