general guidelines for zines

• Stories 2-5k, edited & ready for print, reprints accepted.
• One submission per issue, please include word count & name on the attached Word Document (or equivalent).
• You retain all rights.
• Digital versions of zines will only be made for review purposes.
• Unless otherwise specified, compensation will be a $5 token payment and a copy of the zine, or 5 copies of Zine — your choice!

current projects

We’re currently looking for short stories for future zines and mini-anthologies. As well as novellas, story/essay collections, and non-fiction (175 pgs or less).


What we are looking for are interesting, well-written transgressive, existential, “misfit fiction” stories that speak to the human condition, even if it’s wrapped up in pulpy genre fiction.

Or non-fiction that would speak to a similar audience.


We’re currently wrapping up some loose ends with several releases, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t submit. Email with your submission and a brief statement about the work.