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zine submissions

general guidelines

• Stories <3k, edited & ready for print, reprints accepted.
• You retain all rights.
• Digital versions of zines will only be made for review purposes.
• Unless otherwise specified, compensation will be a $5 token payment and a copy of the zine, or 5 copies of Zine — your choice!

current projects

Transgressive Fiction
We’re looking for the literary & artistic equivalent of early Harmony Korine or Todd Solondz movies. Subdued weirdness without any bizarro or horror tropes.
Think — Gummo, later Lazy Fascist Press, Welcome to the Dollhouse, Alt-Lit, &/or Daniel Clowes

Fucked Up Stories to Read in the Daytime (Vol. 2)
Bizarro Fiction
We somehow made it through the first zine with having some of the greatest bizarro authors in the world. Volume 2 is already off to a great start and looking for more high weirdness.
Think — Eraserhead Press, Repo Man, Neon Horror, &/or Troma.

Teenage Grave
Classic Splatterpunk
We’re looking to make a straight-up gorefest in the “traditional style”.
Think — Clive Barker, Poppy Z. Brite, John Skipp, &/or just Google it if you don’t know what we’re talking about.

More are on the horizon, and submissions submitted after the zines fill-up will be considered for further volumes. Space is limited, submit soon!